Hinkle Hill Inn Retreat House

History The town  of Bell Buckle began as Cherokee territory and was founded in 1852 by A. D. Fugitt as a railroad town. The railroad provided transportation and shipping between Chattanooga and Nashville and was the major stockyard on the route. 

Until the Great Depression, Bell Buckle was the center of society, with a hotel, private and public schools, granaries, mercantiles, banks, and physicians.  The Great Depression devastated the railroad trade, and the town stores burned down. When they were rebuilt, they faced the railroad (the original structures faced away from the railroad). 

While it is not known exactly how the town of Bell Buckle gained its name, the most plausible explanation is that the Indians had left a carving of a cow bell and a buckle near a free-flowing creek. the carvings were interpreted to be a warning of domesticated animals and white civilization intruding onto their land. 

the town

Bell Buckle is a quaint, historic railroad  town, nestled among beautiful rolling hills and farmland. Festivals, such as the RC and Moon Pie, Fine Arts & Crafts Fair, and Old Fashioned Christmas draw thousands to the town each year. The town square is a block from Hinkle Hill Inn, and features antique shops, a tea room, the cafe, ice cream and coffee shops. Don't miss the boutique clothing at Miss Jane's. 

Visit the Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce website for a calendar of events.